The Band Experience

Events, achievements & more


Monday & Wednesday: 1545 – 1830 (Y1s end at 1800 for Semester 1)

Thursday: 1630 – 1830 (Y1s start in Semester 2)


Upon joining band, you will be placed in the Junior Band for a year, to learn the basics of your new instrument & some music theory to prepare you for Main Band. At the end of this year is the annual Junior Bands in Concert, where juniors first experience playing in a concert!

Those who are already experienced may join the Main Band immediately.



Due to COVID-19, our biannual concert was postponed. There are no events this year.


Mar – Local band exchange with 10 other secondary schools

Apr – SYF Arts Presentation (Distinction)

Aug – VIA performance at Yuhua Community Club

Sep – Junior Bands in Concert at SOTA Concert Hall

Nov – maRIMBa Concert


Singapore Youth Festival

This biannual competition is an opportunity for our band members to showcase their talents and play together with high standards of skill and unity. It is through months of rigorous practices that our band manages to achieve many certificates of distinction

Band Camp

Our annual camp is usually held in the June holidays, and is where the band gets together and bonds over intensive practices, games, section lunches & dinners, and even (occasionally) movies.


Biannual concert

Usually held at Victoria Concert Hall, this grand concert exclusively showcases RIMB band members performing as a band, and also in small ensembles.


Year-end concert

This concert is held by RIMB in November, helping end the school year with a bang. maRIMBa performances mainly feature ensembles, allowing small groups to experience performing.

Junior Bands in Concert

JBIC is the first time in which the junior band performs to the public. After 10 months of hard work and practice, this concert marks a milestone in their band journey as the final performance before graduation into the main band.

Passing Out Parade

POP is a tradition where the graduating batch of Year 4s and Band Majors hand over leadership of the band to the next batch. This succession is normally symbolised with the passing of the mace from the previous BM to the next.

... and many more await you!